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On this page we would like to thank everyone who supports the TurBienchen with monetary and material donations. Above all, of course, the management and the various departments of MTU Aero Engines AG should be mentioned here, which enable the smooth operation of the TurBienchen.

In addition, we regularly receive small donations that help to offer the children a pleasant and educational environment.


We are now looking back on 20 years since the foundation of the association and the start of the day care center operation. During this time, countless people have enriched the TurBienchen into an institution with a lot of heart and soul, in addition to financial and material support through their personal commitment or their voluntary work.


The years 2020 and 2021, which were affected by the corona pandemic, should also be emphasized: In the months of this time, the commitment of the parents and especially the perseverance and pedagogical work of the care team was and is of great importance.


Thanks very much!