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German English

We have decided to employ English native speakers (two full-time employees and one part-time employee) in addition to German-speaking support staff. It is important to us not to put pressure on the children to perform and not to practice program pedagogy. It looks like this:

  • English as a working and colloquial language using the immersive method

  • Developing the meaning of what was said from the context (while brushing your teeth, having breakfast, cleaning up, etc.)

  • intuitive and emotional understanding of the second language with all senses in the situation-related actions of the educators

  • no correcting, no practicing the English language (not even at home!)

  • Permission to mix the languages German and English

There are clear rules as to who speaks to whom in which language.

Why did we decide to have a bilingual education?

  • most effective language acquisition in infancy (optimal development window)

  • temporary intensity of speech - speech bath, daily and over several hours

  • Encouraging overall cognitive development through early multilingualism:

  • Achieving higher fluency

  • Creating a better general thinking ability

  • Creating more tolerance towards other cultures

More than two thirds of humanity grow up bilingual!