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care staff

Our international team consists of specialists (educators), supplementary workers (nannies) and interns in their year of recognition, as well as temporary workers and federal volunteers.

TurBienchen strives for two specialists and two supplementary staff in each of the two groups, with one employee speaking his native language English due to the bilingual concept.

The regular further training of our educational staff is very important to us. We always support our team in achieving their personal and professional goals.

Weekly team meetings and regular supervision are part of this concept.


Nicole Feiling Dr. Sabrina Fink Sandra Kiefer

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role of the parents

In our parent-child initiative, contact and communication between the care team and the parents and between the parents themselves is of essential importance. An open and trusting cooperation is our top priority. 
We achieve this primarily through the following events:

parent meetings, four of them per year, in which e.g. B. Elections of the parents' representatives are held, but also organizational matters such as the calendar for the following year with all important dates (parents' meetings, general meeting, parents' evenings, cleaning days, excursions, children's parties, closing times) are decided.

parents eveningsdesigned by the support team and reports on everyday life and special activities. 

parent talk: At least once a year, the parents meet with the care team to discuss the development of the child in detail.

parent work, in order to promote contact between parents: all parents do at least 30 hours of parental service per year for each first child.