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Meals are a part of health education, which we write big at TurBienchen.

The breakfast buffet*

The selection of dishes offered at the breakfast buffet changes daily in the TurBienchen. When making our selection, we pay attention to healthy food, but also to the fact that eating should be a diverse experience and that children need to be accompanied when dealing with luxury foods. For example, there are chocolate sprinkles with muesli and on Fridays rolls and pretzels with jam and butter. The children can choose which foods they want to try at the buffet.

The lunch

Eating not only serves us to take in nourishment, but also promotes the ability to enjoy, the sense of community and the ability to communicate. The atmosphere should be cheerful and without time pressure.
Lunch is eaten together. We offer a complete menu from the MTU canteen (included in the service price). Children under the age of one get jars of food or something their parents cook themselves and are fed according to their own rhythm.

The afternoon snack*

In the afternoon we serve different types of fruit according to the season. There are also sandwiches and sometimes biscuits or yoghurt.

children cooking

Children's cooking takes place at regular intervals. Here the children learn how to prepare food themselves and then enjoy the food even more.


The children alternately get mineral water, tea, juice spritzers and cocoa. The team attaches great importance to the selection of the respective types of drinks.


Since the corona pandemic, meals have been replaced by lunch boxes brought in due to hygiene regulations.